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©YOUKI - Jana Waldhör
©YOUKI - Jasmin Peter
©YOUKI - Jasmin Peter
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Since 1998, the International Youth Media Festival has been the place where young people, cinema, music and media come together. YOUKI supports newcomers to the film industry, provides stages for new bands from Austria, develops media education programs for schools and gets children and young people excited about cinema and film.


International Film Competition

Every year, we search the world for filmmakers between the ages of 13 and 27. From the thousands of films submitted, we curate a unique program focused entirely on the thoughts, stories and ideas of young adults. At the festival in October, school classes, youth and film fans are invited to marvel at the world-changing and refreshing impressions in the cinema.

YOUKI Awards

The YOUKI main awards will be presented by a 5-member jury, which will watch all films live in the cinema. The YOUKI trophies are individually designed by artists* during the festival week.

Main prize 23 - 27 Years

1500 Euro

Main prize 18 - 22 Years

1100 Euro

Main prize 13 - 17 Years

700 Euro

Austrian Award
made possible by KINO VOD CLUB

600 Euro

Audience Award

500 Euro

Film Education & Teaching

With school in the cinema or the cinema at school. YOUKI offers an exciting range of workshops for students and apprentices, ranging from the basics of film analysis and media understanding to the foundations of film production.


After long days at the cinema, YOUKI invites you to even longer nights on the dance floor. For many years, YOUKI has also focused on young talents and unknown bands when it comes to musicians. And so it happens that many now well-known acts from Austria, such as Mavie Phoenix, Aze or Doppelfinger were able to make one of their first appearances at YOUKI.

Side- programm

The festival's side program includes discussions on contemporary phenomena in youth, pop and media culture, exhibitions, readings, special screenings and the opportunity to meet renowned representatives of the film, media and culture industries.

In the YOUKI team, 30 young film and music nerds put their heads together to organize an unforgettable festival. With a wide variety of skills and an atmosphere that invites mutual learning and experimentation, all film programs, concerts and events are planned together. In the process, many gain their first experience in culture and film, and newcomers are warmly welcomed.

Important to us!

YOUKI strives to act in a sustainable, ecological and socially just way within the existing possibilities. We see ourselves as a young, enlightened festival and try to create a wonderful festival experience far away from racism, nationalism, discrimination and exclusion through constant self-reflection. We put the collective togetherness and a safe welcoming atmosphere in the foreground.