Youth Media

Code of Conduct

YOUKI11. Oct 2023
YOUKI versteht sich als ein Freiraum, der Menschen willkommen heißt, um miteinander kreativ zu sein, zu experimentieren, voneinander zu lernen und sich inspirieren zu lassen. Um das gemeinsame Miteinander zu genießen und eine möglichst sichere Atmosphäre zu schaffen, versuchen wir aufeinander zu achten. Alle Punkte unseres Code of Conduct gelten für alle Teilnehmenden am Festival, für alle Mitglieder des YOUKI Teams, sowie für alle Mitarbeiter*innen und Partner*innen.

YOUKI understands itself as a free space that welcomes people to be creative together, to  experiment, to learn from each other and to be inspired. To enjoy this collective experience  and to ensure a safer atmosphere, we strive to be mindful and engage with all points in our Code of Conduct. All points apply to all participants in the festival, to alle members of the  YOUKI team as well as to all employees and partners. 

Contact points: the YOUKI Awareness-Team 

If you experience or witness an unsettling situation, if you feel uncomfortable or maybe just want to talk to someone: contact our awareness team. Our awareness team is here to offer you open ears and support (always confidentially!). During our evening events there will be people from the awareness team on site: you can recognize them by the light strings / fairy lights. The awareness team can be reached via email at

Important guidelines for all participants of the festival, as well as for  YOUKI team members, colleagues and partners:

Culture of Respect 

We aim to create an inclusive, non-discriminatory and non-judgmental space together,  where everyone feels welcome and respected – and everyone at the festival, including the  team, partners and participants, is responsible for this. Together, we strive for fair and open  interactions on a personal and creative level: dare to stay open to new perspectives and artistic approaches. We wish for a supportive and benevolent atmosphere. Look out for  yourself and others. Respect boundaries and ask if you don't understand something. 

Safer Space 

We understand Safer Space as a place where individual personal boundaries are protected,  where everyone is encouraged to respect each other, and where everyone can express  themselves without fear of discrimination based on migration biography, sexual orientation,  culture, gender identity or expression, religious affiliation, age, or physical or disabilities. 

In the Cinema: 

Treat films with respect in the presence of others. Behind every film are unique ideas,  passions, and work that we want to appreciate. Unpleasant or derogatory comments or  noises in the cinema will not be tolerated. 

To ensure the cinema is also a Safer Space, the YOUKI team has prepared trigger warnings  that provide information about potentially distressing images or descriptions. If you feel  uncomfortable or unsafe while watching a film, you can leave the cinema during the  screening and rejoin for the next short film. You can find a list of films that may contain  triggers online on our website, in the catalog, and at the cinema entrance. 

Consent and boundaries 

We want to be mindful of our own boundaries and the boundaries of others. It is essential to ask for consent, so you don’t have to base your actions on assumptions. Consent doesn't  just refer to physical touch, such as asking if the other person wants a hug. Consent can  also mean asking if it is okay to talk about certain topics. Let's look at the boundaries of  others, as well as our own, so that we can all contribute to a pleasant time together. 

Zero Tolerance for Discrimination or Harassment 

We pursue a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to the violation of Safer Space by individuals. Violations of the Code of Conduct, such as discriminatory behavior or  statements, will be dealt with and may lead to exclusion from the event.